Cloudland Farm Natural Angus Beef

Enjoy delicious natural Angus beef from Cloudland Farm that is raised with NO added hormones. Our beef is grown on a strictly vegetarian diet without antibiotics. Cloudland’s Angus beef cattle are grass-fed and finished with a minimal amount of organic cracked corn to give the beef a light marbling that contributes to its juiciness. Our weaned calves also receive a very small amount of non-GMO soybean meal their first winter to add a little protein to their diet of free-choice hay.

Our Vermont raised Angus beef is processed under USDA inspection. To enhance tenderness, it is dry-aged for two weeks before cutting. Our butcher vacuum seals each cut, and then it is immediately frozen.

Bulk orders are available for families wishing to purchase a half or quarter of a beef to fill their freezer.
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Individual, frozen beef steaks, roasts, ground beef, organ meats, and specialty beef products are offered for sale throughout the year at the Cloudland Farm Market.

Steaks to Grill/Broil/Pan Fry

Tenderloin $25/lb
NY Strip $17.25/lb
Delmonico $18/lb
Rib steaks (bone in) $17/lb
Porterhouse $18/lb
T-Bone $18/lb
Sirloin $13.25/lb

Steaks to Marinate or Spice Rub before Grilling/Broiling

Flank $11.65/lb
Skirt $9.85/lb
Flat-Iron $9.65/lb
Sirloin Flap steak/steak tips $8.75/lb

Slow-Cooking Beef Cuts

Stew Beef $8.50/lb
Beef Short Ribs $8.25/lb
Chuck-Eye Roast  (boneless) $8.50/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast $8.50/lb
Marrow Bones $3.50/lb

The Basics

Ground Beef $8.50/lb
Ground Beef Patties ( 6 oz. each/6 per pkg.) $9.50/lb

Specialty Beef Products

Standing Rib Roast $17.00/lb
Beef Beer Bratwurst   (6/pkg) $9.50/lb
Garlic Lovers Beef Sausage (4/pkg) $9.50/lb
Hot Italian Beef Sausage (4/pkg) $9.50/lb
Smoked Beef Chorizo $10.50/lb
Teriyaki Beef Jerky     1.75 oz. $4.75 each or 3 for $13
Teriyaki Beef Jerky     16 oz. $36.00 each

Organ Meats

Heart   (whole) $3.45
Tongue  (whole) $3.45
Liver  (sliced in 1+ lb. pkgs.) $3.45